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   The rounded hull of this design has several advantages over the normal sailboat. As you will notice from the drawings of the hull , the bow and stern are angled much the same as a racing sailboat. This occurs in this design as the diameter reaches 100'. Diameters less than 100' are fine but the deck above waterline goes to about 15' at 100' diameter and this gives the hull an excellent wave riding charteristic without incurring a stall as waves are approached. The main thing in a hull of this type is to give the bottom curvature a semi flat surface to avoid spherical abbreation that can cause a vortex wake that will pull a vacuum and slow the boat. Even if that was a problem advances in hull venting has all but eliminated that possibility.  The full potential of the hull is to skim the surface as a disc and reach a skipping rock effect. You might have noticed that the SORC around the world boats now being built are very nearly round anyway. This hull is not only a gem when it comes to interior room and layout but a racing marvel in the making as well. Until the ship is built and experiments are done with various sail rigs the full potential of the hull will not be known. By all laws of physics this hull should be nearly as fast as a full hydrofoil under the right conditions. Could Americas Cup be won by this modern style of hull? Well it might not even be in the same class but I can't wait to run up beside a boat of that caliber and give it a try. Who knows, it might run off and leave the tall ships. A new around the world record? It could happen. This isn't an experiment in making money alone and could be the jet engine break through in the sailing realm.   DM



Diameter: 100'

Hull Height: 32'

Sails: Dual Sloop Rig

Keels: Dual retractable 8' Maximum

Rudders: Dual retractable 6' Maximum

Power: Dual 110 hp. sail drive diesels  and/or 1  450 hp. diesel

Accommodations: 13 cabins - 26 to 32 bunks

Steering: Electric Autopilot and Mechanical link

Winches: All electric jeep Type and Others all Limit Protected

Interior: Comparable to Startreck's next Generation Enterprise [I hope the budget holds out !]