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The  10'  Escape  Saucer                              03/18/00 12:16:37 AM



   If you like building projects you might like this one. The 10' plywood saucer offers 6' of room between the retractable keels with a flat floor in that area. The building process is simple. You take a 35' piece of 1/8" flatbar and weld it into a circle. Then cut the arcs out of 1/4" plywood and make 15 -3/4" hull runners. In the center is a round 16" plate with 30- 1/8 flat plates welded in proper order. Bolt the runners to the plate, add the runners and cut plywood to form the hull. The same on the top and add a 4' domeshell to a 15 sided base. Fiberglass at least the seams or the entire hull to desired thickness and paint. Add the sailing hardware and whatever interior you want. Well it sounds simple but the measurements are critical. I have a complete plan worked out if it's a weekender or an escape pod you need. These plans are a good deal because you get the dome plans with all the dimensions and the hull geometry all designed to be made from 1/4" plywood.

Plans are $65.00 and cover specs. to make your saucer seaworthy.   See the 29' Sailboat for a scaled up drawing.



29' Twin masted sloop