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The 20' dome can be bolted together rather quickly with 2 people. In the condo kit you get 48" basewalls, 2 door openings, one long basewall to frame in windows on top of, overhangs on the doors and windows, the triangles and the bolts & metal straps. The triangles have 3 bolts on a side. You can put the kit on any type of foundation, slab, deck or just pressure treated 4x4's. The bathroom area is not included nor the fireplace opening. You can cover the shell with plastic or cover with a 1/4" polystyrene wrap and tape the seams before shingling. Instructions & plans come with each kit. After setting up the shell the interior is easily insulated with pink fiberglass and sheetrocked or stripped with tounge & groove or paneling. It is a good idea to use a plastic or polystyrene wrap on the inside also to keep out harmful fiberglass vapors and to give you a very good r-value.It would be hard to beat the ease of construction and cost of the condo kit which is large enough for 2-6 people to live in. Sleeping loft details with plans.

Please allow 8 weeks maximum on delivery.

19.5' Geodesic Dome Kits - A variety of Possible Uses

*    Configurations for a Condo -Chalet' - Garage 

Drywall pre- cut kits available

Use our Services to custom design for you  


Key Benefits

  • Low Cost Housing
  • Conventional Roofing & Vinyl Siding Compatible
  • Fast Assembly & Finish time.


Description SKU # Price
2"x4" Condo Kit  Assembled Wall, Dormers & Triangle Components-Assembled 19.5-2x4-C $4400.00 + $500.00 shipping over 300 miles from Kingston TN Total $4900.00
2"x6" Condo Kit Assembled Wall, Dormers & Triangle Components 19.5-2x6-C $5300.00 + $500.00 Shipping over 300 miles from Kingston, TN Total$5800.00
2"x4" Straight Wall Kit -No Dormers - 2' Base Walls & 75 Triangles-Assembled Components 19.5-2x4-2B $3824.00
2"x4" Straight Wall Kit-No Dormers - 4' Base Walls & 75 Triangles-Assembled Components 19.5-2x4-4B $3893.00
2"x6" Straight Wall Kit-No Dormers - 2' Base Walls & 75 Triangles-Assembled Components 19.5-2x6-2B $4320.00
2"x6" Straight Wall Kit-No Dormers - 4' Base Walls & 75 Triangles-Assembled Components 19.5-2x6-4B $4500.00
2"x4"-5/8 Sphere Kit-No Dormers -  105 Triangles-Assembled Components 19.5-2x4-105 $4462.00
2"x6"- 5/8 Sphere 105 Triangles-Assembled Components 19.5-2x6-105 $5040.00
2"x4"-3/8 Kit Triangles Only- 75 Triangles-Assembled Components 19.5-2x4-75 $2400.00
2"x6" - 3/8 Kit - Triangles Only- 75 Triangles-Assembled Components 19.5-2x6-75 $3600.00


8'   Diameter
12'  Diameter
19.5'  Diameter
35'     Diameter
38.5'   Diameter
45'     Diameter
49'     Diameter

16 x 30
16 x 36
28 x 48

29' Ocean saucer
100' Ocean Saucer


    You can now get the builders secrets of overlayed strut bolt together panel 3 frequency geodesic domes in this booklet"Building Geodesic Domes"! Includes correction factor formula, interpolated radius formula for 3/8 or 5/8 sphere foundation layout,shop worksheet,angles,chord factors,paper model instructions,foundation methods, shop procedure and much more.You won't find this information anywhere else on Earth! Hundreds of copies sold. You can actually design and build domes with this manual.14pp-13 Drawings $12.00 ea.


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