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 If its safety at sea you need but don't want to dish our 2 million dollars I have an alternative, the 29' version. It has a large open area under the dome and allows you to set up camp much like a dome tent.

   The outer hull areas are large enough to use as bunks so the number of people on board is up to you. I've drawn the dome on this boat to be fully windowed in lexan but that will be an expensive option. This should be a very fast, safe ship considering there is no ballast necessary due to the wide beam and the draft is so slight the only thing you'll ever hear is the ping of a retractable keel or rudder on the coral. If you'd like to really explore the shallows and have the boat right up next to shore this is what you've been looking for. I might mention that the rigging is collapsible to get you under those canal bridges if need be. It is possible that these boats will be offered as a kit if there is enough interest in them.