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..These plans are drawn on "C" size drafting paper after much work on the drawing board and in the shop to test and perfect the measurements and angles included to assure a perfect kit can be built by using each set of plans.They include the struts, the interior "Wall" pieces , the bolting hole measurements for a drill press or hand drill, base wall details, 3/8 and 5/8 construction, slab floor, concrete ring foundation, wood floor crawlspace and "U" shaped basewalls from block drawings. Each comes with "Building Geodesic Domes" by David C. Martin III and particular instructions of the diameter shown. The domes mentioned can be built with a skill saw and a table saw. A radial arm saw is necessary for some of the interior wall parts to be built OR you can saw them with a custom miter box you will have to set up yourself. I think the prices are fair considering the time and expense I've gone to in the production of these plans for overlapped strut dome construction. DM