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Dual  3/8 sphere - 45's

  DUAL TRIANGLE KITS  $31,808.00

Diameter:  45'

Radius:      22.5'

Longest Strut Length: 9.89'

Ground Floor Surface Area: approximately 1809 square feet

Height with 2' base walls: 24'

Frame Material:  2" x 6" Yellow Pine

Inner struts: 2" x 6"  White Pine

Basewall Strapping:  1/4" x  2" x  24"  Steel Flatbar  with   3 - 3/8 x 6" Bolts & nuts ea.

Bolting:  Double  1/2" x  4" Bolts  on 2'  centers

Foundation & Walls:   12" Block/concrete filled- on a  20" x 12"Concrete Foundation  on the 5 base walls

Sheathing:  Normal roof sheating w/ shingles or equivalent metal or other material

Complete  Working  Drawings with Instruction Manual

                           PLANS   $212.00

The 45' dome kits are made from 10' material. Due to the larger triangle size a dome can be built with or without base walls to achieve an opening tall enough for standard doors. The triangles are too heavy for manual assembly. A backhoe can be used to lift them into position while bolting. Other methods include a rented crane or a ginpole for the hearty crowd.
I can build rings out of steel flatbar with bolts that go through the edge of each strut for a very strong joint at the vertex. I have to edge drill the kit struts and fabricate the rings and drill them so I charge $35 each. This does give a dome better hurricane resistance. I drill a 1/4" hole at the center balance point of each triangle where a 1/4" x 6" "eye" bolt with flat washers can be placed for a lifting point . The triangle can be moved into any position with the crane by this proven method. A 45' dome kit can be expanded to 48' for a 10% additional cost.You might take a compass and draw a circle to scale and see what type of home or shop could be placed in the dome. The structure requires no support pole in the center but adding one significantly improves the structures snow load capabilities.Another consideration is a masonary chimney in the center used for support or a spiral staircase with a central pipe. The possibilities of a very comfortable home increase as the dome reaches conventional square footage values. Many recent homes include an attached garage for 4 or more vehicles as shown in the dual kit drawing or of other configerations.

3/8 Kit - 75 Triangles $15,904.00 1809ft./sq. gr. fl.

5/8 Kit 105 Triangles  $22,265.00  

Vertexx Steel Rings with Bolts   $35.00 PER Vertex 

base Walls $212.05.00/Ea. Assembled-
2x4 Kits Also Available Triangles are $190.80 Each -Call for an Estimate of Your Custom Kit--UNASSEMBLED KITS 20% OFF