A-Frame Kits


I do free estimates on any size A-Frame Kit - All bolt together and come with hardware. I need to know material sizes you prefer,length of upstairs floor run, the ground floor dimensions, 2' or 16" centers,your location - all kits come with gutter plates & ridge beam + end overhang partial trusses. Please send drawings if you have custom straight wall areas in your A-Frame plan.Below is a sample estimate on a 32x48' kit. The kits run from $5 to $14 per square foot - Lumber Prices vary like the stock market so I have to do each estimate on the day approiated - old prices on this page may not apply. I have prices that overwhelm competitors and the fast bolt method is exclusive + hurricane & earthquake resistant - clearly the best designed a-frame system available. If you hire a carpenter to frame a home he will charge you $7 per square foot for labor alone. Think about it. The least expensive home possible. Rent becomes a thing of the past. Just add plywood and shingles!

I have a new Dodge Ram Turbo Diesel 500 HP 4x4 truck and trailer for delivery now. I load the lumber on pipe rollers so it rolls off at the job site instantly! No hand unloading at the destination.I only charge $1.50/ mile Most truck firms charge 1.95 or more both ways. What can I say, I like to see the country and that covers the $2.90 / gal diesel fuel cost + tuna salad.

The Book "Building A Frame Homes" $12.00
2 Floor Plans-16x24,28x48-Techniques of Construction - 8 Pages - 9 Drawings - 8-1/2 x 11 Paper.

Send To: South East Domes
160 Bream Lane
Kingston , TN

Please Allow 2 Weeks for Delivery

Complete Blueprints Including Block Column & Beam or Full Basement & Upper Floor Framing with Staircase/ Balcony $212.00

I now build a-frame trusses that bolt together on site
you supply plywood & roofing
2 level truss allows easy set up
custom sizes available
inexpensive kits
e-mail for a quote

NEW! 28' x 48' Complete Plans - $450.00 Call 865-717-1068 or order at South East Domes - 160 Bream Lane - Kingston, TN, 37763 Send Check or m/o to South East Domes - Guarrenteed Plans!


16 x 24 2x6 Kit On 2' centers $1200.00 + Shipping
13 Trusses Total w/hardware
Plywood Not Included
Single Trusses $92.30 each
Note: Crossover Upstairs Floor Joist Can Be left out For an Open Living Room

Hold On - I'll Get SOME MORE more drawings on this Page!

16' x 24'-32' Floor Plan Lower Level - Includes square area on 2 levels in the back with an A-Framed Living Room
Square Bedroom Upstairs
As Shown in Upper 3-D Drawing