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                                                                                                   The   Company

Sea Treck
A Division of Martin Industries 

   Seatreck is located on 50 acres on the Tennessee River in East Tennessee. Included is a  38.5' Geodesic Dome that is my home and office. Next to my dome is a 30 x 40 machine shop. The company Seatreck has been an idea for many years , it's basic formation comes from  Dome Builders and Martin Electric which I have been involved in for many years.

   With the advent of the home computer and of course FrontPage 2000, Seatreck has become a reality with a professional  look and atmosphere. After much research in sailing and catamaran charter I decided that a ship could be built to withstand the hurricanes and sea conditions of the Caribbean and turn a good profit while giving the customer a better and less cramped vacation in this the space age.

   I plan on using the utmost in technology onboard. One item is "The Captain", a chart and positioning autopilot computer program that makes navigating treacherous waters a more calculable risk. The ship itself is very shallow draft and employees swing keels and rudders in case of a partial contact. A safe voyage is the primary objective after all. All electric winches will raise sails on my version of a roller reefing boom. It is very cost effective and will allow one unassisted pilot to control all aspects of the boat. We will of course have radar, GPS positioning and computer relayed satellite radar weather capabilities. This should also reduce any insurance we might incur.

   The building of the hull is also cost effective. I have worked in several industries where mass production was the key and I will assure you that the method of building partial hull components to be later bolted and glassed will cut the cost and improve strength and quality control throughout the entire process.

   The plan is set. The personnel are available. The market for Cruise Vacations improves every year. It looks to me like it's going to be smooth sailing.