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                                  DOCKING  PLANS - BUILDING PLANS

   After the hull components are cast in cold molded fiberglass , the parts will be moved to a rented lot on River Road south of Kingston TN for assembly on a 6 axle launch dolly.

   The hull will then be finished and fitted with engines , electrical hardware , tanks , and electronics. When the ship is power ready it will begin a voyage down the Tombigbee waterway to the Gulf of Mexico. It will be necessary to fit  the mast and rigging south of the launch location due to low power lines and bridges.

   The first ship is planned to be located in Miami  Florida. From a dock space leased for times in port it will sail to the Bahamas , Andros Island  and possibly in the Florida Keys areas.

   The plan is to run 2 , 3 , 4 , 5  and 10 day cruises depending on the particulars of bookings in Miami. It should only take a 24 hour period to re-fuel , fill water tanks, clean the ship , and fill the refrigerators  and freezers and baitwells before launching another mission.

   The present plan for Seatreck Cruises is to sell 49% interest in 3 ships. One in Miami, one in St. Thomas , Virgin Islands and one in Cancun Mexico. Should bookings exceed the available space more vessels can be added to the Caribbean area.   Eventually we hope to expand to Hawaii,  Tahiti , Singapore, Australia and other regions that will support the industry.


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