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Dome  Planner


   In order to plan a dome there are several things to consider.

1. How much money can you spend?

2. Where will you build the dome?

3.Have you considered electricity, water and a refuse system.

   After the ground work there is the structure to consider.

1.How much room will you need on the ground floor?

2.How much upstairs will you need?

3.Will the floor be concrete or wood?

   After answering these questions you are ready to pick a dome to build.


   12' Domes facts

1.12' domes are good for storage or a small room

2.They are much more inexpensive to build.

3.With a base wall headroom can be improved 

4. When well insulated they are easy to heat and cool.


   19.5' Dome Facts

1. They are large enough for a couple or a rental.

2. They are tall enough to use with a 2' - 4' Base wall or foundation

3. They can be owner built due to light weight triangles.

4. They can be built in 2x6's for extra insulation and strength

5. By using 5 base walls built of blocks they are very storm resistant.

6. By building a 3' tall foundation or base wall a concrete temporary floor can be used and a wood floor installed at a later date when money allows.

7. They can be transported with a pickup truck.


   38.5' Dome facts

1.They are a good investment {my 38.5' was appraised at $92,500.00 for the structure only!}

2.They are large enough for a family with plenty of room

3.They are inexpensive compared to other homes.

4.They provide earthquake and hurricane safety far better than conventional homes.

5.If need be you can disassemble and move a dome shell.

6. The 38.5' is also transportable with a pickup truck


50' Dome facts

1.A large dome has many uses other than a large home.

2. The thick 2x10" construction provides as much as an r-30 insulation value

3. A 2x10 Dome is a permanent investment likely to last hundreds of years.

4. The larger size allow for more windows in areas between the base walls.

5.A 50' Dome is likely to be worth much more than $100,000.00 when properly finished.

6. The weight of the triangles suggest a crane for setup and bolting


Plan the Number of Triangles you will need


Top View of Roof

  The second ring is the normal area that represents the second story floor when set to a scale.


 1. Subtract 3 triangles for each area you will leave open for doors or windows between the blue base walls. {This is a 3/8 sphere} I subtract a proportional amount for less triangles in the kit. You only pay for the triangles you need.


Front View


2. You can see the area between the blue base walls that touch the foundation or base wall height extension. For a normal door opening you will need a 2' base wall or foundation in the 38.5' or none in the 50' {a 2 block above ground foundation is recommended in any dome} In a 19.5' a 2' is enough but a 3' is recommended. You can build the base {vertical walls} yourself from plans provided or I can build them for an extra price {Call for an estimate}


3.You or your contractor can do the frame carpentry necessary for hoods over door or windows and windows upstairs. Several examples will be included in the plans and instructions with your triangle kit.

4.Different floors and foundation plans are included in your kit also. You can build on a block foundation or build a fully insulated model that has a wall inside the block wall. It is recommended that the block foundation be used for strength and code requirements.

5. Math calculations for the ground floor foundation come with the plans for you or your contractor. The formulations are already worked and the layout method is explained.


6. A Dome will sit nicely on a square concrete or wood area without any foundation at all . Now that's easy !!

7. For an extra $100.00 I will draw out a floor plan from your sketches.

8. These triangle kits allow many to build a dome without a tremendous amount of complicated measurement and saw work - not a bad deal !


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