South East Domes

Sales Contract

This is a sales contract that shows ownership of any materials, plans, parts and fasteners listed below . At the time of payment all listed items will become the sole property of the buyer as conveyed by the seller " South East Domes" owned and operated by David C. Martin III , 160 Bream Lane , Kingston, TN. 37763 under TN Business License issued to World Merchandising Company .Normal terms are 50% downpayment + remaining 50% and shipping before materials are shipped.Please allow 6-12 weeks for delivery. Plans are sold outright for stated price.

Total Sale Price as Calculated:___________________ Date of Sale:____________

Dome___A-Frame___ Kit: Size:__________ Thickness:_______________Bolts Included

Hexagon Triangles Sold:________________ Price ea.________ Total ____________

Pentagon Triangles Sold:________________ Price Ea:________ Total____________

Base Walls Sold: Number:__________ Type 1:_____________________ Type 2:__________________

Type 3:_____________________ Type 4:__________________

Total Price Base walls:_____________________

Base wall straps: Type 1:_____________________ # of straps _________________

Vertex Straps Sold Type:_______________________ # Sold __________________

A-Frame Truss #1______________________________________ # Ordered____Price Ea._________

A-Frame Truss #2______________________________________ # Ordered____ Piice ea._________

Plans Sold Outright:_________________________________ Price:_________________

Plans With Kit : ______________________________ Price Extra:__________________

Date Of Signing:_________________ Payment Method:________ CK#___________

Contact on Arrival:______________________________Phone 1:___________________Phone 2:__________________

Buyers Shipping Destination:________________________________________________________________________________________




Buyers Signature:___________________________________

Sellers Signature :___________________________________

Total Kit Price:______________________

Total Down Payment:_________________

Balance Less Shipping:________________

Shipping Estimate:____________________

Amount Due Before Shipping Commences:_____________________

Certified Check or Money Order Only on orders over $212.00

Make Checks Payable to South East Domes

David C. Martin III

160 Bream Lane

Kingston, TN 37763

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