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Double Wide Frame Kits

Conventional Style Home Bolt Together Frame Trusses
You Supply Your Own Plywood
Very Strong Construction for a "Double Wide" Home
Pre Drilled and Cut - Assemble With an Air Rachet in no Time
Note the Floor Walls and Roof are Framed on Completion
Custom Sizes Available
29' Truss in 2x6 Yellow Pine $165.00 + Shipping
$3465.00 for a 40' Building on 2' Ctrs.+ Shipping
Post & Beams Available for Open Areas in Center
Call or E-Mail For A Quote
Note: Local Building codes may require corner angle braces and tie down anchor straps as seen in many other double wide applications. I do not guarantee these kits can pass you local codes without modification. DM

Here is a very functional 2 bedroom floorplan in a 28 x 48' {inside measurement} Conventional. The frame would require 25 trusses when built on 2' centers. $4125.00 + shipping

16 x 36 Florida Studio Floor Plan
Prices Vary with Wall & Floor Joist Sizes
E-Mail Specs. for a Quote