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Metal  Shop  Employment

Positions:  Metal Shop Worker     Sub- Contract Labor

Wage:  Varies with experience - $8.50 / hr to start on average

Job Duties:  General work done with steel and welding and machining tools related to the dome and  boat building industry. Other duties related to the shops business include clean up, material handling, crating, painting, grinding , drilling and general labor in other areas of the production as needed.

Notes:  The job involves production of an order and as a Sub-Contractor you will be expected to work at least an 8 hour day during the particular project and you will be responsible for your own insurance and income tax payments. I hope to have enough work to consider workers full time however if there is no work in the metal shop or other areas at times you may have days off between projects. My pricing is fine line and the labor involved is part of a cutting edge price to make our products competitive.


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