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World Merchandising Company
Elephant Garlic Farm

Sold Out for 2002 - Order Now for July 2003 Shipments!

TN Business License # 13118-1

"Order Form"

Finest "Golden Shell" Elephant Garlic Organically grown in rich Tennessee topsoil and mushroom factory compost. Available in 5 lb. boxes @$4.00/Lb. {about 70 sets} for $20.00 +$9.50 Shipping & Boxing $29.50 each or 25 lb. crates {about 250 sets} @ $3.50/Lb. + 12.50 Shipping-$100.00 Each - Please specify garden sets or Food Grade. Sets shipped in August - Food grade garlic shipped after June 20, 2002. Place orders now - supply will be limited to 3000 lbs. in 2002. This garlic resales for $8.00 - 12.00 lb. in stores.

Sorry! - Food Grade Garlic is Sold out for 2002! - Stay in Touch and get in an order early for the 2003 Season

5lb. Sets are still Available through Sept 1

Special Offer!

10 Choice sets for $10 - That's 1/2 the cost if purchased from leading seed companies!

Many people grow the plants in ornamental flower gardens for their unique foilage and flower accent. Simply plant in late fall and the plants grow all winter forming a purple flower and long stem in early spring.Uproot in late summer and re-plant 5 more bulbs in the fall for an ever increasing bulb harvest.