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  A unique feature of this power system is the self sufficient cabin power system. Each cabin will have dual 450 amp marine deep cycle batteries directly under the cabins floor. They are charged primarily by solar cells located on the slanting portion of the exterior hull directly above each cabin. The power system is coupled to a power inverter that powers a microwave, a cube refrigerator, a TV set, cabin lights, a VCR , a stereo and a computer outlet. This allows for a minimum of wiring and allows a controlled amount of electricity to be used in each cabin area. This leaves generators more available to power main functions of the ship and in turn conserves fuel. Each cabin will also have it's own Coleman motor home type of air conditioner. As the batteries reach a low level they automatically revert to the main generators for recharging.

   The main generator is as of yet an undetermined size but it is clutch operated off the main 425 HP engine. It should be in the range of 20 kw. Two separate generators of 10 kw each are the normal operating systems. The main power system will also have a battery bank and sufficient solar cells located on the shields on the main deck.

   Hot water will be provided from a 750 gallon tank that primarily uses main engine exhaust for heat and secondarily uses conventional electric heating elements. As a backup each cabin will have a switched 8 gallon electric water heater. As the system is analyzed it will be possible to time the generation of power to take optimum advantage of solar power to reduce run time of the diesel generators.

   Air conditioning is provided by a diesel powered unit as seen on semi tractors. Secondary backups are one geothermal unit for the lounge and helm with the return air cooling the galley.