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 South East Domes has the best prices in the country on bolt together dome panels. Each dome triangle is calculated to the nearest 1000/ of an inch and all angles are cut to precision.The inner struts on 16" centers are aligned perpendicular to the base for a guaranteed, structurally sound, load bearing wall. This combined with the fact that we use galvanized deck screws and steel straps make these kits the best you will find. Kits will be shipped by the "Best Method" for each particular destination. Most kits will take 5 weeks to arrive unless we have a backlog. Terms are: 50% up front and the remaining 50% + shipping due before shipment. Simply fill out an order form and send a check or call and we can arrange a signed sales contract for you. South East Domes can also custom design special application domes for any purpose including steel or concrete models.I can draw floor plans or design a complete kit from your floor plan sketches .I also provide foundation drawings and various other drawings including: hoods,window arrangements,extensions,wood floors, concrete floors,blockwork & foundations. Included math proofs and assembly instructions with each kit.