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Sea-Treck  Geodesic Domes



160 Bream Lane

Kingston, Tennessee 37763


contact David Martin III


   I have built Geodesic Domes since 1982 in the solid bolt together triangle method. I have a small shop and build a kit when I get an order. By doing so I can sell at a price below all others. The struts of my kits are yellow pine and the inner struts are of white pine. The covering can be either plywood or waterproof pressboard. I find the pressboard is better. The triangle struts are screwed together with 3" decking screws and the plywood is screwed down with galvanized deck screws. The quality is excellent and the hand built product is one you can be proud of. Base walls are available upon request. I only charge for the triangles and parts you need.

  I can draw up floor plans if you need them. Each dome kit is usually a custom built project but you can buy the triangle kit and do the rest yourself if you like. I provide foundation and floor drawings with the math proofs with each kit. You will find that I have drawings for a u-shaped base wall in block that I have not seen anywhere else. This system is the best to prevent any "pushing out" at the 5 bases ensuring the dome remains plumb for it's entire lifetime.




                    19.5' Small Home or Garage



                               38.5' & 50' Diameter  Homes - Kits - Plans - Wood  or  Steel


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