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    South East has Kits,Plans & Books + A-Frames!

    You can now get the unknown builders secrets of overlayed strut solid triangle geodesic domes in this booklet"Building Geodesic Domes"! Includes overlap correction formula,shop worksheet,angles,chord factors,paper model instructions,foundation methods,interpolated radius formula for 3/8 or 5/8 sphere foundation, shop procedure and much more.You won't find this information anywhere else on Earth! Hundreds of copies sold. You can design and build domes with this booklet. 14pp-13 Drawings $12.00 ea.

Fast Bolt A-frame Kit Built in Berkley Springs - West Virginia - 20' x 24'- "It went up in 2 Days!" The Kit Price was only $1960.00 + Shipping!

A-Frame Kits Page

    If  A-Frames interest you try the booklet "Building A-Frame Homes". A South East Domes exclusive Fast Bolt Truss design that allows you to bolt together the lower truss components, floor top areas, then bolt on top truss components - without using scaffolding! Includes a 16 x 36 floorplan, a 24 x 48 floorplan, hurricane strapping & anchoring, block post & beam & full basement details, interior straight wall beam design, mathmatical determination of diagonal layout, safety tips & much more! 11pp - 15 Drawings $12.00 ea.


<48' - Dome in Texas - 5/8's Sphere Being Built from South East Domes Plans - They are the Best!! These Plans were only $212.00


8-1/2 x 11"
Order the Book "Building Geodesic Domes"
- Includes triangle angles & chordfactors to
determine lengths for any size dome
12" Paper Model Instructions
overlap sequence drawings and formulas for correction factors
and base foundation layouts
"Unknown secrets of solid triangle dome building"
3 Frequency dome generated from an icosahedron.
Send $12.00 Cash,Check or Money Order
South East Domes
160 Bream Lane
Kingston,TN 37763
Checks payable to: David C. Martin III

Feature Design: Underground Dome
Reinforced Concrete - 4"

Reinforced Concrete Domes can be built in any thickness by ordering an inner form {Dome Kit} and a reversed plate outer form {A second Kit}.I suggest 3/4" Plywood on the forms which will naturally cost more than a normal dome shell.

UV Coated Architectural Aluminum Covered Dome
I now have prices for the Aluminum Application
E-Mail with a Diameter for a Price Quote
Also Available
Copper-Stainless Steel-Anodized Aluminum

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World Merchandising Company
160 Bream Lane
Kingston,TN 37763
TN Business License # 0016046
Ph: 865-717-1068

"House of the Future" replica from the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville, TN.
This is a 38.5' Dome on 4' Base Walls on a concrete slab. It has a geothermal heat pump, 3 bedrooms, a solarium, a high ceiling great room & 2 bathrooms.

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