Sea-Treck Cruise Lines 2001 - Plans of Investment & Expansion

   Each twin mast sailing sloop is engineered for the utmost in comfort, safety and modern accommodation from the elegant dining room and lounge to the International rods and reels furnished on the voyage.

   Each stateroom will have it's own hot tub, TV., stereo, dining table, desk and couch as well as a private full amenity bath. The large deck area topsides will provide plenty of room for fishing, sunbathing and relaxing. You will be able to fish or just watch while others try their luck in locations that are the best places to fish in the world.

  Food will be available in the lounge at almost all hours and a wide range of variety will be prepared by chefs experienced in fine food.

   We hope to locate at Miami Florida, St. Thomas - Virgin Islands and  Cancun, Mexico. Each area will have it's own particular interest centered around landmarks of the area.

  I have located a company in Mississippi that are experts at building fiberglass components like the ones I will need for the ships and their price is in the range to allow for the ships to be built without being over the budget. One estimate for the sails and rigging for both masts was $156,000.00 from Air Force Marine. That is for Catamaran rigs and should they run over budget monohull rigs can be used at a reduced cost. b>

   Each ship has an earning potential of 1.5 million dollars per year. 

   Each ship will have 13 staterooms for 2. The current plan is to charge $300.00 per day per customer for an all inclusive vacation cruise.THE IDEA ALSO LENDS ITSELF TO DAY FISHING TRIPS, DOCKSIDE CONDOMINIUM USE AND COMMERICIAL FISHING   After much consideration of similar cruise and charter activities in those areas this is an excellent value and the staterooms have much that few others can offer.

   I have set the investment amount in each vessel at $1,000,000.00.The corporate structure will be a LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP which will offer EQUITY SHARES at $5,000.00 each. At that amount each investor should make between 15% and 35% return each year. In addition I have included an incentive to investors of a free vacation day aboard per year for two for each $10,000.00 invested. That applies every year as long as you own shares of each particular ship. Should you sell your shares the next owner will also have the free vacation benefits. I will ,of course, make yearly offers to investors to buy back stock at the investors profit to gain full ownership of each vessel. I  estimate that each ship will be worth as much as 7 million once the line is established so the table will be open for you to offer your shares to another party at a considerable profit if you like.

   Each 1% of the ship will sell for $20,408.16. For each 1% you will get 2 days for two per year onboard. Extra days will be at the regular rate to be fair to the Company and other investors.Think of this, in 8.33 years you will have recieved the full amount of your investment in vacation time alone not to mention the yearly dividends and the increase of the percentage value!

   You will be entitled to receive dividends each year in equal proportion to your holding after expenses of the operations are deducted. These expenses include fuel, food, maintenance fees, cleaning fees, insurance, crew wages and benefits , dock fees, operating fees and licenses,  local management fees and rent if necessary. I estimate the cost will be approximately 1/2 or less than the income and will do my best to keep things in that order.If the ship ran for 5 days a week for a full year you would get back $7,800.00 for a $20,000 investment the first year + a $1200.00 vacation allotment, a 45% return! Of course it is hard to say if that can be done but I will try! My objective with this plan is to provide an investment that is better than any annuity or stock market investment.I will of course retain controling interest of each ships equity shares and income after expenses for building the ship and management and will receive no other salary after the ships are operational.This gives management an incentive to keep the ship at full levels of operation.

   Any money invested goes into a bank account and will be used for materials, equipment and labor for construction and implementation of the Cruise Ship. I will receive a salary during the building process of 40K/YR as project manager. I expect to supervise all aspects of the hull building, electrical, plumbing, electronics, rigging, engine and machining work and total management of all other aspects of the project.If the costs exceed expectations , a new equity share allotment will be equally offered to the shareholders. I will of course hire labor for form and fiberglass work and general labor where necessary. Our area is unique in the fact that there are several boat factories in the area and skilled labor in that area is available. The estimated time for construction is 18 months for 3 vessels, provided all stock is sold within that period. No dividends will be paid until the ship makes a profit. Not bad considering that many investments have 0 years and even   -value years.

   I  have researched many businesses and investment plans and I find this to be a  profitable opportunity. Thank you for considering Sea-Treck Cruise Lines as a possible avenue of investment.Any questions can be directed by e-mail or call David C. Martin at 865-376-2161. Note that this is a plan and no equity shares will be available until all legal matters are taken care of.

                                                                                           David C. Martin III   



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